The Spanners in the Sustainability Works


Weasel Words-

you can’t build a clearcut sustainworthy and sustainable world on weasel-words,
on loosely-dangling “good-ideas”,
and an enthymemous ‘big-plan’.”reasoning”

Fair words still butter no parsnips.


“Transitions” for instance
whose wonderfuil people nevertheless are ‘blindly’ slaving-away
at Aims to help bring us out of “oil dependency” and into “local resilience” –

upon the same deliberately malfeasantly deeply-entrenched inaccessible Constitutions and flawed “Economics Equations”

that were set down 500 years ago
and have not been brouight up-to-date “equalisticly”.

such that the world-domineering armed upper-classes have to become personally-efficient at living-in-the-Lifeplace off one-human-living each –

and the poorest ill-equipped classes have to become governance-proficient
(as well as by remaining ‘poor’
i.e.being happy to be living off just one-human-living each
are already “lifeplace-efficient at living” ..

Whatever the “global improvement” is purported to be,
and is being deliberately “politically” made to go on being promised “improvement” by “newly elected ‘leaders’ and ‘governments” –
it is based on the few “Developed” countries and their “democratic” peoples
taking  9 times more from the 4th, 3rd and 2nd world countries and ;peoples than they are giving back in “aid”.

  • The UK is also consuming and wasting 5-times more than their fair share
    of this Earth’s natural resources and Civilisational goods and services.

Every “Sustainability Strategy” world-wide –
is being  based upon that disastrous “shortfall” between what the Earth can supply
and what we humans –
[who still insanely-bloat the Rich and  spoil them “luxuriously sick”

whilst further impoverishing and over-populating our Poor]

are both  “bottom-line needing”
in order for any of us to both survive and thrive .


We need an ultra-radical New and Sustainworthy Civilisation –  

peacefully implemented


and this Earth
off which we are so increasingly extravagantly and destructively living

desperately need to be brought
to longest-term sustainworthying standards
to Earth.


as one instance
needs to re-prioritise the Whole-Thing 


—- 2150 Wednesday 04 September 2017 —————–>