Compatibilising and Co-Synergising Longest-Term Sustainworthying movements

The following¬† general-enquiry has been emailed to “Transitions” via a Totnes, Devon, U.K.¬† office.:-

also ;

and submissions by JSDM since May 2010 pub;lished ‘verbatim’ by the House of Lords’s .

Is ther any compatibility between the above and the “Transitions” intentions, objects-of-association, and practices ?

Totnes for instance has the Transition from “oil dependency” to “local resilience” on the front cover of Rob Hopkins’s book.-

So – where would “Self-&-Civilisation-Co-Sustainworthying Movementoria” and its sbove not-for-profit, power nor prestige voluntary e-stes “fit in”;
and conversely
“where would “Transitions – from ‘oil-dependency’ to ‘local-resilience'” or so-forth
fit-in with
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” principles and potential practices –

– as compatible “Movements”

{‘Thinks:’ = in a much-needed Global ‘Movementoria Support Organisation’ networking as local co-learning and practising ‘Movementoriums’ – ? }
John Miles
39B Miles Mitchell Avenue
PL6 5LY (which is way outside of both “Sustainworthying” and “Transitions-ing”, and from which tenancy I seek to move to a more suitable tenancy in Totnes – or in any worldwide place where both Transitions and Sustainworthying are working and living together and/or whose collective and individual “shadows*” are positive enough to begin living , and ‘working’ togerther ?



================= 1850  Wednesday 04 October 2017 ============