Clearing “English”

“language”  means “words”.
in the sense of “tongue” – and “mother-tongue”

Really there’s no such further entity as “body-language” – nor “body-talk”.

We have “expression”  – but this has the opposite of “impression”.as well as of being “just a saying”

We also have such a necessary “expression”  as
“the Bod-of-the- Earth is ‘saying’ – “You’re killing me“.

Similarly we have Civilisation’s ‘message’ :
this Earth is failing to meet our God-given human-rights to “insatiable-demands

.English may be the last “worldwide language”
that we as an Earth-failing human-race
have a chance to better-make and better-use
to begin
at sustainworthying
both Earth’s lifesupports
and our selves thereupon


Verbal language notwithstanding,
Once more one has to begin with one’s self –
specificly with one’s “own” body-movements

within which occur both tongue movements and brain-cells movements, as well as toes and fingertips movements –

.as we say in English

“there you are –
off yoiu go  –
‘over to you’