0700 Tues away ………….. and


Good ‘eh ?


0643 Mycrowntotderriyelhospcoach-esings.

4 uh maggnifisent mishmashy “own-way-seeking”

Georgy and “the other half” have
http://lifefresh.net to play with now

and soon may well have both Janet Goodrich’s  Natural Vision Improvement   and Hickel’s  The Divide 
to more permanently and enablingly “get serious with”


Where should we  ‘minorities of one’ now stand” – participation-proportions-wise ?

They are now synergicly much more than “two-lone individuals” –

whilst we one-but-one-alone ‘isolateds’ –
are scraping for means to to self-enable
just one “lone” seat
even at the preparatorily virtual “Egalitarianly-Sustainworthying-Round-Table”  —

where’s the new sustainworthy fairness in this  ???