0300 Further F uture-Founding TasKs : e.g. “Correcting the Question”.



(“) When I ask a dentist to pull a rotten tooth and get the reply ‘You need a fast sea-going family yacht in the Mediterranean’, I know that’s NOT a dentist (“).

(“) When I ask a Government Bank Financial Adviser how best I can help to balance
the huge stuck-one-end up the other-end-down human-peoples life-supportive worldwide  ‘see-saw’
and get the answer “You need a bigger credit card”
I know that’s NEITHER a Government-Banker NOR a financial-adviser (“)

The questions were RIGHT there
but the big-authority’s answers WRONG.
{  As Mr Max Keiser contributes to our Human financial survival, via freeview RT News regular half-hour documentary  }

Traditionally in our purported human-mind education, questions need to be ‘right-answerable’ and like ‘well-formed statements’

“Have you stopped cheating on your husband ?”  –  “When did you stop beating your wife ?” –
may look like, and ‘feel’-like, both well-formed statements and answerable-questions –

Huh !

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