The Keisers –


to be evermore frequently “de-conflating” as well as “de-cinfusing” your own mind



are on now  –  0431   [RT NEWS Freeview channel 234 ]

Easy-ing it :-  (1)  to be Selecting the “sustainworthy carry-forward-ables”

whilst also

(2) De-selecting the non-sustain-worthy and making them non–carry-forward-able          (0440

“The Keisers”  ( Stacey Herbert & Max Keiser)  are ( I ask) a good as already partly-sustainworthy &  financial-matters “sub-leaderfu'”-  “carry-forward-ables”  –

============== Max just mentioned  “Competition is necessary” (e.g. to prevent “the banksters from hoarding and witholding trillions of dollars of money)

email RT to remind them to remind us
of the USA’s Transpersonal Psychology Team Jim Fadiman saying
“How do people and organisatiuons ‘control’ other people ?” :-
Exploitation  (the very worst)
Manipulation (definitely “bad”)

(but hardly distinguishing, certainly not being clear enough)
, beween the Destructive – Genocidal “Ethnic Cleansing” ‘competition’,
and the “Friendly Constructive” between two foorball-teams, and a  “tiddley-winks” game with a child –

and the missing-middles of “aggressively-inhibitive inter-business competition
“healthy” business competition –


Nurturance  (good, socially-caring welfare included)

Integration  (to keep it all together, “on the island”,
(and to stop us all from “dropping off the edge of the flat=earth”
and thus upsetting both the elephants’ balance
and the non-capsize-ability of the Great Turtle
(upon which the four supportive elephants have to stand) …