Politics versus Life : People versus Sustainworthying :


Needs “Enablement”
completely before
“Political Parties and Politicians need Power”-

We all need much more Sustainworthy-Living

{ and maybe it is only the fourth and third world peoples and countries who are “pro” sustainworthying –
[see current  publications by professor Hickel (London School of Economics) ] —

the anti-sustainworthying Tradition may be at root
but alas!  world-domineeringly
NOT  ‘worldwide’

but both historicly and ongoingly-corruptingly-currently constitutionally-entrenched in the United Kingdom 
as well as in the USA
and maybe in all so-called Developed and/or “Democratic” nations.

so the up-and-clarion-shouting Jeremy Corbyn UK Labour does NOT need Power


it does not have the

“Co-Sustainworthying Ability”