“Abuse”: top-down “banned” by the now galloping-into “POWER” —> British LABOUR


Our human-race is under multiple-certainties
not just “threats”
of Collapse and Probable-Extinction

we seriously put ourselves on a new-learning-sustainworthiness-course
supported materially by “emergency-rationing”


It’s not just Britain who is in a deeply and ugly “cleft stick”.

Corbyn is a master-rhetorical persuasive speaker-
much better and more convincing than Hitler

if you havn’t yet experienced an “Altered-State-of-Consciousness” under your own fully aware and self-controlled mind, emotions, feelings and ‘pleasures’
Party-Pushing Rhetoric and Populist Speeches and Applauses, grand-music,
[ASCs  see Your Body –  biofeedback at its best without instruments, machinery or artificiality ]

Corbyn:-  “There is a new common-sense coming;
but under Theresa May and the Tories Britain will go down, your jobs will be disappearing, more shortages will come –

but Labour will give you a new foundation
for “ownership” profits from companies and utilities
to not go up and abroad to individual-capitalists offshore
but back here to the British People in need”


Not from one of the Labour leaders are we informed

nor downwards from the hierarchical offices and party-committees
nor from any of the increasing numbers
of “labour new lemmings stampeding” in
to become mere numbers
not names and not peoples’ real-needs advocating
nor becoming multi-way scrutiny-enabled party-rank-and-file members

who in turn are facilitating non-party-public to advance
into participatory-democratisation 24/7-voluntarily-possible
instead of “a few minutes only once every five-years”
not one has come forth with Facts overshadowing
and undermining the whole world
especially including this United Kingdom
the main one of which is that

that we British are consuming and wasting
5 (five) times more than our fair-share
of this Whole Earth’s Resources


and before we the great majority have the absolutely essential
Cooperatively Participative Democratisation
enablements and abilities

we are being

by Corbyn’s Labour Party

more People-Power

when  Corbyn’s Labour Party itself is also under the “heel”
of the carefully-self-concealing
Whole-World-Owning Super-Wealthy-‘Elite’


who in turn are under the ballooning human population
and the insidiously-dwindling ability of this Planet
to meet our blindly-led increasingly excessive
Demands, Delusions, Imbalances,  and Wastefully-Destructive Consumerisms. 

==== 1850  Earthlife-Supportive duties fre calling here now ————–
so “while we’re away”
keep finding the BIGGEST overarching and underlurking “PICTURE”

========== 1855 ===========