Our Sinking Civilisation

1800 Tuesday 26 September 2017-

The facts in this  big-picture include  these:

(1)  The world-wide English-speaking human-population is not just ‘booming’ it is “runaway-plague-ballooning”-
– this has created a hugely “insatiable”* demand upon existing and obtainable lifesupports –

whilst also one-way irreversibly consuming-&-wasting those dwindling lifesupports


(2)  Any and every human-being is but one-human-being
just one-human-living for the Lifeplace [128 hours per week] –

Let £300 per week be that standard one-human-living
(upon which the individual person can maintain theirself healthy, citizenlike, and environmentally-supportive) –

the person successfully living upon that “Index Income” is (notionally)  100% personally efficient at living in the Lifeplace – and is thereby “100% sustainworthy”;

the person “needing” twice that (£600 per week) becomes only 50% personally efficient at living –
and becomes only 50% effective at conserving [non-wasting] this Earth’s and this Human-Civilisation’s lifesupports and environments.

Scrutiny question instance:  “How come the’ best’ humanbeings (at managing the Earth’s Lifesupports and Peoples)

are the most personally-inefficient at living-in-the-lifeplace

(Bank Chiefs needing ——-> £2 million (= 400 human livings per week )=


(3)  The Workplace not only occupies only 25% (40 hours) of the individual’s toital 168 hours-per-week
but being kept safe by the Employer paying all of the worker’s costs and being 100% maintaining the workplace safe
including by the workers each and all being pre-required to have the necessary skills so as to be “on top of the job” –
(and as aforesaid the worker not having to pay anything out of their own pocket)

making the workplace much safer than the Lifeplace (where the “pay” from thew workplace  is competitively spent.

(4)  Not only is “Brexit” and the United Kingdom itself founded upona “deeply-booby-trapped quagmire –
but so is ther whole world and its Global Economics and United Nations stability :-

“The People in Britain have long been consuming and wasting
5 (five) times more than their fair share of this Earth’s and Civilisatioon’s Resouirces and Lifesupports
[whilst the USA citizen is “needing” 9 (nine) times their fair-share –

======= other duties continually “interrupot our searches for both Truth and “What to do about them”====1915 ====


.*  “insatiable” is a basic Economics term “Human demand is insatiable”
[Very demonstrably as well as arguably this “fundamental” is False,:
even the Economics “Law of Dimishing Utility”
stating that “As satiation progresses so the value of the “goods or services” dfiminishes
(pay £2 for the first cup of tea, but the second becomes worth to the drinker only £1.50, and the third only £1
in terms of “satiation”)

showing it to be false that “human-demand is insatiable”.