The “Shadows” –



As far as Human civilisation and our selves is concerned,

“Every-one and every-thing ‘casts a shadow’-  “

As do “everyone” and “everything” [collectively] –

Our “shadow” contains not only “how cleanly dressed” and “how-do-I-smell” (to other people on the ‘bus, in the train, and so forth )
how far am I participant in casting our (British) shadow upon other people –
for instance, today we Britons share the “shadow” of selling (for profit)
arms and explosives to Saudi Arabia
for Saudi Arabia to in turnto  directly support the “mass-murdering” of innocent and defenceless Yemeni people.

{also e.g. Hitler’s ‘shadow’ became ‘joined-with’ and ‘supported by’ every other German’s “shadows” , and by “the Nation’s “shadows”
= to which became both ‘causatively’ and ‘victimly’ externally-added
the National and International “shadows” of the USA people, the British, the French, the Polish, the Russian, and ad nauseam all-across-the-world’s “Shadows“}.;


but now —  as far as you, and I, and every-other-person in the world especially within our “co-sustainworthying movement” is concerned

we each have two main  “shadows”
(1)  that which we each and then “all” cast on the wortd outsaide of our self;

(2)  the ‘self-shadow’ we cast ‘ionwardly’ into our-individual self –
quite distincly from externals hadows being ‘projected into us’ by “enemies”, “foreigfners” and yes-
even by our own Governments, Authorities, Media, “Individually-Competitive-Business and Consumertist Organisations and Individuals” — and so on —

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