The Essentiality of Instantiation

Our quick historical instance of “Sustainability versus Sustainworthiness is

“If Hitler’s Third Reich had won World War 2, it would have been “sustainable” for more than a thousand years ;


the “free” world found it to be not sustain-worthy


Similarly,but much more insidiously and non-sustain-worthily is “Individual Capitalism” –

a very appropriate Issue today (Sunday) in the Church-of-England

because of the parable of the “The worker is worthy of his hire”
culminating in
The first shall be last and the last first”.

The vineyard owner and  employer was ‘jumping-in’ – “agenda-cornering” –
with a ‘traditional’ “Method I one-way winning” by stating
(“) I can do what I like with my property,and with my money .-..
and if I choose to pay those who worked only the last hour of the day the same as those who worked all day since morning,
i.e. ‘one-day’s living-subsistence’
then that is in order (“)
Once again we have the “one-human-living” essentiality versus the “ownership-of-the-Earth and of the Common-Purse”  “political-predicament” –

Percentages are often vital to be included in our thinking, planning, and budgetging – %%% –

but are too often and habitually “excluded” from our ‘reasoning’.

Take a sub-issue today:

Two adjacent homes, identical, same rent, each with one tenant –
same food, water, clothing, shelter needs
same ‘everything’ –

except when one occupant is a ‘lowest-incomer’ on £300 per week
whilst the other is a psychiatrist on £3,000 per week.=

 renter A has £0.00  left over after paying rent
[and paying all other living expenses except, in both cases, the work-related costs – which have to be met by the Employer] -.

so renter B (the psychiatrist) is drawing/being-‘given’ 10 human-livings)
and so has £2700 left over “free-in-pocket”.

2027 ========== chores time again 2030 ==============

The inseparable fact that the psychiatrist thinks s/he is “ten human beings”
thereby being ‘stuck’ 9-times deluded
is another hugely serious “mental” issue, too.