One’s Personal-Life Local Group: Co-Supportively-&-Progressively ?


In a very real-life sense, we each and all need to be orienting daily to the here-and-now
and more prioritously
to the far and the near
Futures –
and because the prevailing “Constituted” Futures, world-wide,
are clearly neither sustainable nor sustainworthy

  we do need to be “co-designing”, “co-sustainworthy-ing”, “co-building”, co-making” and “co-supporting”
the futures we really-and-0truly and-basicly need.


It is Sunday still –
so where now at nightfall are church-people, the life-groups, and ‘courses’ –
openly and all-round able and willing to be “seeking-and-finding” – (as the Christ Jesus advised) —

and all-in-all “further seeking and finding” ?

======== 1815 ============