“No-Fault Divorce and Relationships” [House of Lords]

The following is our response to Baroness Deech’s difficulties with “Divorce ‘No-Fault” post in http://lordsof the blog.net

Cart-before-Horse, still.

What is needed is deep and “up-enabling” reform
beginning with progressive NVQ-type training for prospective marriage-couples and parents

similar training for all those in “human-development” and “human-supportive” workforces

not stopping at focal and progressive NVQ training for “relationships”, “escorts” “companions” “carers” and “sex industry workers”

and including NVQ courses for such other human-interaction workers as Police, Medical, Nursing, Waiters/Waitresses, Shop attendants, public-transport workers, church-‘welcomers’ and so on and so forth.

Without such essential training
everyone falls short
of a “Sustainworthy” personal human-ness
and hopelessly short of developing a longest-term future Sustainworthy Human Civilisation;

– and “No Fault” divorces and suchlike will still be only ‘scratching-the-surface’ and ‘band-aiding’.