Guesstimating Your “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement” – ‘Score’/’Place’/’Prospect’


Clearly “even to blind-freddy” is it that “human-worth-assessment” is a complexly-difficult matter –

but we now have enough criteria to do “guesstimation”

and not only of our individual self
but of others, and of our Civilisation and Human Race too.


The most “key” and perhaps simplest to grasp is that

“one-human-being” needs
(and therefore “is worth”)
just “one-human-living” 

and the “shadow-balance-book” side of this is that
One-human-being consuming two human-livings
is only 50% efficient at “living” in the Lifeplace
(128 hours per week)

regardless of what happens in the Workplace’s mere 40 hours per week
where the Employer pays all costs
and the employee spends none of “own pocket-money”


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