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Europe and the EU

by Lord Hylton • 21/09/2017 • 0 Comments

My last four blogs have been about wars, that our media hardly mention, for example in Yemen, inside Turkey since 1984, in the Philippines against suspected drug dealers and users, or the coming health and survival crisis in Gaza.

Today I would like to draw attention to the three million EU citizens living in Britain and to the million or so British citizens resident in  27 countries of the EU.  These people have to make decisions about their jobs, homes, children’s education etc.  They should not be left in a cloud of uncertainty about their futures, or about whether their existing rights will continue.

This is not a matter for haggling, as one might over tariffs or fishing limits.  May I ask you to press your MP for a generous and humane solution to this issue, regardless of what may happen in the rest of the negotiations.


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JSDM of 39B1

21/09/2017 at 5:10 pm

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My MP is ‘Tory’ and is non-communicable “two-way win-win-win ‘no-lose’”,
in other words will only communicate with those who subject themselves to the Tory One-Way-Downwards Directive.
Yes to your appeal, Lord Hylton –

but as you know, I am “handcuffed” by my individual ‘predicament’
as well as by the World-Predicament whereunder
“Britons are over-consuming and wasting the Earth’s resources
5(five) -times more than their fair-share”
[see the scientists and ‘watchdogs’ reporting in TV documentary
“How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth?”.
So in some ‘lurking’ real sense, practically the whole 8 billion people on this planet Earth are in need of a longest-term Sustainworthy future –
including practically too, of course, “an immediately sustainworthy-ing peaceful ‘revolution’
[‘resolutions’ will be only mere ‘bandaids’ on an already irreversibly-sinking Global Civilisation
whose “sustainabilities” are already sunk or foundering –
they are too “short-term and “deluded” -]

while we still have enough sober-round-table and ‘public’ two-way intertnet Time”
we each and all have to start a thoroughly “new”
i.e. Longest-Term Sustain-Worthy
Human Civilisation Foundation,

and be already “filtering” and carrying-forward into it
only the worldwide-participatively-democraticly “quarantined” and “screened”
truly-necessary-&-sustainworthy things, methods, knowledges, know-hows –
People :

And to begin doing this under Priorities and Time-framings –

One might say
“if the multiple-human-livings-wasting classes and individuals” don’t succeed in living healthily, citizenlike and environmentally-supportively,
on just one-human-living eqach ‘per week’,
then “let them be – in ‘short-order’ – ‘weeded-out and left behind”
“as well as the incorrigible criminal, cartel, and clique -”
“communities” would ‘need’ to be “left-outside” of the Newly-Self-&-Civilisation Sustainworthying Movement.
May I if need be ‘apologise’ with a simple respect for the “Christ-words” –
“Let Those Who Have Ears to Hear, Hear”.