Sustainworthying individuals needed – to view and discuss the “Now” and the Future –

focally-converse online;

agree a safe meeting place such as a cafe “for -a chat” –  0933
and glimpse some Sources and Guidances –


Existing workers, people, professionals – especially “people-helping workers” who are in fullest possible commitment to “self-&-civilisation co-sustainworthying” [ complementary holistic therapists, and adult or children teachers ‘especially welcome’ because of our ‘bottomline’ need to fund Sustainworthying and reduce the ‘profiteering’ and wastefulness of the “Sinking World Domineering Individually-Capitalistic Doomed Civilisation” –

as it were to divert some of our essential expenditure into Co-Sustainworthying rather than into any non-sustainworthiness within the worldwide-prevailing
“Tornado-like monopolisticly up-sucking money-imprisoning “Banksters-channels”  ‘juggernauts’ –


apologies – no time to ‘finesse-edit’ this 1st rough-draft-

0929 W 200917 ——