Sustainworthying Factors

Problem ——–>  the “Order-ing”

  •   Would “Domains” be the topmost order ?

Instance:   Space;   Time:  Quantity;  Colour;  Temperature   –   what we call “irreducibles”


JUng’s were  Intuition; Feeling;  Sensation; Thinkling; and finally Transcending  —– as the Mind Functions .


Similarly but for the Body,  Laban posited the Space domain;l Weight;  Time;  Flow;l
and at least one Jungian follower added (in the toip lefy hand corner of the “Cross” the two oppoasites of the “Spirit” domain  “Soul” and “Spirit” (the femk,inine male ‘soul’ and the masculine female ‘spirit’)

========= 0609    now 0619    this Environment requires a 0650 excursional “duty” —