Our Now-Worldwide Human Civilisations – All “Sinking” – none able & willing to begin founding even a small or ’embryo’ Sustainworthying-Civilisation.

The – “Our” – Sinking Civilisation.

All human-civilisations on Earth are  “Sinking” –
0131 W 200917   “First-World nations know they are “not ultimately good enugh yet”

and that the Industrial Revolution whilst having been necewssary was by no means “perfect” and is now “over” anyway – exzcept
for the second, third and fouth world nations to “catch-upo-with”   0141 [other duties call ]

and none is able & willing to begin founding even a small or ’embryo’  Sustainworthying-Civilisation..

Visualise two adjacent tables
one small and square having progressive rings on it leading into its future-sustainworthy-consitutional-bases centre

it is almost touching the much longer table (the dominantly prevailing worldwide one) because
the small-table represents the Future which increasingly needs to be “made” longest-term sustain-worthy

so the small table needs to be ready to receive and finally “prioritise” every-thing from the existing Ancient & Modern Civilisation Tabl;e
i.e. every thing scrutinised and ‘judged’ within the “Sinking Civilisation” as being carry-forwardable, longest-term “sustainworthily”

the extensively-longest-table represents the prevailing World-Dominating Individually Capitalistic and Consumer-Friendly Civilisation

 -but has no “progressive rings” on it
because it is “too big to fail”, and for many other “reasons”.

This now “old” dominant divilisation’s rulers and politicians dare not reveal the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to People

because People would not then vote for them,
nor would the People be so keen to lay down their lives fighting-to-the-death-to-support-The-Flag” –


so  –  how about  we ‘focally-converse”  – how to soberly help keep each other ‘up-to-date’

This needs to be coninued