Individual Human Development and the United Nations

Just as in UK there is no such legal-entity as “holistic health”

in the United Nations there is no such entity as “individual human development”  –
only the “Aggregate Human Development” costly UNDP programme –

based upon an HDI (human-development-index) formula
Longevity x Knowledge x Wealth =1.0000

{looking at UN human development as a “ladder”
whereon you are and have ‘ascended’ according to your ‘age’, university PhDs and £billions.) :-

If you’re 99 next birthday,
have more than 3 PhDs,
and have £100 billions-worth of Money+Estates+ OceangoingLiners/Yachts, Private airplanes,
and a list of Globally-Economic Companies -and so on and so forth –

then you will be near to the top of the Human Development Ladder.


If, however, you are succeeding in keeping yourself
healthy, citizenlike, and environmentally-supportive
upon the UK guaranteed minimum human-living of £150 per week
plus “living-allowances” [qua “benefits”] total say £300 perweek gross

then it’s likely you won’t even get into the “Ballpark” where the Ladder is situated.



============ The World Trillionaires Squirming-Human-Money-Pyramid’s duties
are about to be set set upon “continuous 24/7/52”
so better be going and starting tidying up a bit now —–.1947 =============