Life ? – Alright, let’s put it a “new” way –

Life ?  – we humans are “masters at it” ?

Alright, let’s put it a “new” way –

The Main-Body of the Human-Race –
namely not the numerical-majority
of nearly eight (8) billion runaway fat-plaguing mouths, bums and bodies
to be fed, cleaned,
and bloated with luxurious homes.
and run-around high-powered “private” motor-car weaponry –

not the Main Body,
the super-destructively-“perfectly-knowledgeable,

and Armied

“elite” and  “leaderful”

 “Minority Expert-Power Dictatoriat”

which has already firmly established our Human Race on Earth as being omnisciently

so triumphant indeed that  there is
no need for further learning, skilling, and sustain-worthy progress .

We The Human-Race are no longer a part of Earth-Life

we have been “made” to be
and to continue making-ourselves to be


and unable to see let alone contemplate and correct
that we are now
deluded wastrels

and that our “leaders” “experts”, “the fit and strong”, and “the enforcers”

have made us into a multi-billion plague of their “minions”
and their “mercenary-armed-firces”
we “each and all in this together”
have become increasing experts in both Life-Extinction and Lifesupports-Destruction.



.======== other duty calls for a few hours =========== 1851