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“Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s
and unto to God that which is God’s”
  [The Holy Bible].-

“Let the prevailing Global Human Civilisation be the Dominant –
and thereby “only”
empowered civilisation, organisation,
“body”,  “legal-entity”,  institution, association, club, group, partnership,
and God’s-Vicar  –
upon Earth (…) “

Therefore that “Autocraticly-Conjoined United Nation-States ‘Body’”
is not only “all powerful” but “by definiens” is “perfect” [since no other is needed].


Therefore since no further improvement is either possible or needed,

the term “learning” is now more simply and ‘workably’ limited to
“rote-drilling” i.e.to  “conditioning”
but not to “learning-something –
or anything –

[ Ancestral Justification:  “There is nothing new under the Sun” ]

there-for  also,
every possible entity upon Earth
and especially within this Perfect Human Civilisation
is the sole-property of this aforesaid
“Perfect World Governance Body”
[whomsoever that “Body” may turn out to be   –
or not turn out .]

——— 0357 ——–

Therefore furtherly

“Kitties” must be about to be “banned” too –

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