Why ?


 Why – have our governors, teachers, and leaders –

so massively over-populated our humankind on this Earth –

and so even more m”massively” set-about wasting as well as consuming far more than the lonmgterm-planet-Earth can supply ?,

Does it mean that
“deeper and more subtly-effective” than our “new-found” tools and weapons of mass-destruction and extinction “negativity

there prevails supreme an invisible, “need-to-be-not-ever-mentioned”,
wholly-longest-term “positive and sustainworthily-creative”  Power ?

What and where-to-be-found-and-joined-with are the Public-Bodies talking and thinking about these matters
of “the very existence and quality of our Future” depends upon

our properly-planning it all today   –

we must be planning it
simply because our paid world and people planners, leaders, teachers, and governors are not


==== it’s a day almost “wasted” again  1715  —-
—- and can’t avoid “regressing” to a still-popular saying :”I’ve got better things to do right noiw than try to “be in” whatever you or you’re-all in “together” “—–
—– “Sorry -” ——