Which Civilisation Do We Need Most –


not “first”    –   we already are dominated
by one huge worldwide “perfect global over-population” and “economicly-ever-self-renewable- Living Earth”

 already failing
and “armed-force–juggernauting- us”
insidiously into utter resources-destruction and life-extinction

and  our Children’ children’s children  are already doomed, too –


we – locally

“sustainworthily” meeting, designing, and implementing
a truly ” Self-&-Civilisation Sustain-worthy-ing ‘Movement'”

then we’re doomed to remain all “locked-into”supporting  
only the Failing Global Civilisation

together with all its

attempts at “sustainability” and “self-sufficiency” and “transitioning” 

even the thousands of small communes
such a “Findhorn”
and the Religions
and Big Reformers such as “De-Growth-Economics”

must continue feeding all their gains healthy advances

including every individual’s last-penny and “final dying-breath”

into the
one Self-Deludingly “Successful and ‘perfect’
Dominant Global Consumerist
Failing Individually-‘Profiteering’ Capitalistic
Human Globally-Economical-Civilisation”–



unless we start in twos and threes
very “hugely” founding, implementing, populating, and directly-‘donation’-funding

a peacefully-sustain-worthy-ing moral and practical

 Sustainworthy Civilisation Trust-Body

that can reasonably speedily “grow” into a worldwide sustainworthy human civilisation.

then we are all “doomed” to perish  –  even all the NASA workcforces and “best-people”.


If we don’t start forming these little but neighbouring groups 

around small “creative-round-tables” – minimujm 3 maximum 7 compos-mentis persons per table
to design the Sustainworthy-Civilisation
and straightaway begin practically-mutually-enabling our self and each-other both practically and morally
to be steadily “growing” in “sustain-worthy-ing” 

we’re unwittingly “living a lie”

[as Eric Franklin notes in the human-developmental  Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery  ->
Beware !


Wrong Habits that Feel Right