What is Our Purpose ? – and How Live and Work “all in this together” ? 2300 W 13 09 17 —–>


.Our “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Task is inexorably carrying us forward, individually as well as increasingly “togetherly”-

What “essential” thing, knowledge, and know-how
do you “insist” needs to be given high priority
to be “carried-forward”

locked-into-a-new-constitution –

for our Life’s longest-term future ?

Let us just be saying that every human being on Earth could “join-in” naming one different thing every day –

until we have a “complete” list of our Prioritrised Needs –
and also a similar list of “What we don’t long-term need” –

and have The UInitd Nations carry-forward those lists,  in service to all People
and especially for the protection, conservation, and preservation of this Earth’s Lifesupports  –   upon which we absolutely depend

================= .

What is the Truth, the Whole-Truth, and nothing but The Whole Truth –
of this living-panet Earth’s Existence & Purpose ? –
what the Truth, Whole-Truth and nothing but the Whole Truth of our Human Race and our existence and purpose upon this Earfth –

and evidently possibly of our continued existence upon a further Earth-like planet already partly-foreseeable ?

Every one is entitled to, kndeed needs, to have a “wordlview” “of their own” –
which should of course be a “real” vikew and not a “fantasy” one or “incomplete” in any way –

and this clearly means that there must be a Common-Human-Worldview- the most completely “factual” of all worldviews  -doesn’t it ?

We also are becoming aware that individually we can “create” as it were “our own worldview” –

and we become aware that this means “comprehending” our own single self,
in its immediate surroundings,
information (“fact and fantasy”) radiating outwards from each of us – “centrifugally-outwards” –

at the same “mysterious time” that information is coming inwards to each of us “centripetally
from the many distant “circles” of our neighbourhood, region, whole-Earth, the moon, sun, starts – the Galaxy – and from theUniverse’s vast extents too .

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(see also today’s  http://lorfdsofteblog.net – Lord Hylton’s new concern (vizour Foreign Relayions)

Remember, as a “democracy” our primary need is for multi-way serious discussion and submission-compiling Communication – especially ‘laterally’ –

and that it  is The Lifeplace (128 hours per week)  that actually needs to be doing the democracy –

(the Workplace only needs to be mentioned for its governmental and civil-service Duties-to-the-UK-democratic-public ”
and occupies only a quarter of one’s daily timeframing anyway during which in some real sensde the Employer “owns” that time, and in the same “sense” “owns” you too
(but it’s only 40 hours a week)  —


Could a really effective and longest-term constructive Democracy be based upon voting for “Lists of Needs and Affordable-Hows”

instead of for largely incompegent, inexperienced, and out-of-touch “dog-in-manger” lawyers
and hereditary privileged, super-powered and overpaid “MPs and Representatives” –
who don’t advocate and fight for our needs, on our behalf –

and our easily and legally “bought” and “bribed”
to favour Big-Profiteering Business Lobbyists
and thereby to neglect the real-needs of various majoprities as well as mere-minorities
of People,
and for the protection, consefvation,. and in some resources, preservation, of this Earth’s Lifesupports
upon which we all and each do now utterly depend
and so does our future and our offsprings’ future ?

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