– “here” – 2221

2207 your 39B1 aims to be present and correct

enough at 2229 this-evening —-

 reporting “in” two further books (arrived today)

Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs

Oxford Concise Dictionary of Linguistics  –


needing to non-rhythmicly be ‘strolling’ forward ‘togetherly’ and ‘parallely’ –

with 2all sources & guidances open beside us” –

39B1 has David Boadella’s Lifestreams , attempting to “begin at the very beginning” –

sidetable-aided by the open-ness of other life-leaders’ works
Linda Hartley’s Wisdom of the Body Moving (2221  and here also playing beginner chess-titans – to be ‘own-energies “energicly-conserving” -)


 2019  (chore ‘washing-up’ (“) et seq genus omne(“) (“and all that sort of thing”)