Find an Wholesome-yet-Brief “Body Limbering-Sequence” –



 Here’s my beginnning.- whilst standing –

Always slowly, steadily, smally,  gently -, and instantly-carefully reversibly :

(1) rocking on-the-spot
until able to ‘mark-time’ with the legs,
knees-up as high as comfortable
(to optimise blood and lymph ‘pumping’, and muscle-loosening and warming-up) –

(2) sitting-down -BUT-standing-up-again ( a few times, steadily )

(3) sitting – on the front edge of the chair

(4)  (maybe)  take in an educational or documentary-factual dvd or movie –
frequently pausing it
so’s you can allow all of your “faculties” to catch up with each other – and your GHQ to feel fully-‘consolidated’ and ready to ‘move-on-again’ –

[Here I’m pausing “The President’s Misatress” –

and looking on my monitor for a similarly pausable “human-healthy-body-movement” video –

0133  =whilst hoping my tea won’t go cold too soon -. . .