The Essential Round-Tables



Our round-tables need to be “neutrally-empty” to begin with:

all existing constitutions, bibles, encyclopaedias, glossaries etc etc
have been moved-off into the “archives bookshelves” around the walls;

with some perhaps already on trolleys for quick deployment to the round-tables
and eventually to the central Plenum Round Table..

Each round table has progressive circles on the surfaces –

such that matter essential to the New Sustainworthying Civilisation’s
“radically-reformed” or “brand-pnew” constitution, rules and guidances

can be unanimously progressed inwards to the centre
by each table’s minimum building-group number
of three ‘co-positivising-and-co-sustainworthying’ “members” .

(From that very centre of the table it will ‘start-again’ inwards-progressing on a bigger “Plenum” round table0.


1450 St 090917 . ————- break for a late “brunch” ——–

Then change to another majorly-necessary activity or ‘rest’ timeframe from 1500 —-> 1630 ———–> 1800 ————>