Occasional Personal Note

Most personal-notes will be bordering on the “intimate” –

and my note is “get used to feeling uncomfortable” –

it is actually one of the necessities –

“new” if need be –
that will ‘tell’ you “something is alive-and-is-“friendly”- challenging you” –

  •  –  –  –  –  –  –  –
    so, ‘sort-of’

“grin-and-bear-it” –

the wealthier you already are,
the more uncomfortable your life is now becoming,
however “smart” you are,
or think you are,.
or that others ‘think’ you are –

you remain in stark fact

just one and one-only human being


just one-human-living.

=  =  =  =  =

today for instance more of us British are somewhat more awkwardly “striving”-
– and especially so the “nouveau-brexiteers” – trying to “lead us” –
and trying to ‘join forces with those long-established and ‘traditional’ public-figures
who still “need” to be rightfully locked-into
“dividing-us-in-order-to-‘better-rule’ (and ‘benignly-enslave’) more of us”

– – – – – – break for a breather  – – – – – –

it’s not just the insidiously and intimately-personal problem of our being or not-being

“a fairweather-friend” –

it is a case of
“how much of a fairweather-friend am I being-
to this person,
and to that organisation ?”-

 0305 ———— break for a sleep ————