Our “togetherness” can have

1.  a securely-composite foundation – supporting a likewise

.2. securely-patterned “infrastructure – of fields, gardens, pathways, buildings;
and a
.3.  self-and-civilisation co-sustainworthying ‘demography’ of People (human-beings)


To the best of our knowledge, the “threesome” is the best minimum group-numberr
for starting and “growing” a neighbourhood  “Association” of people. –
– each such person having already established their-self as a “positively-living individual human-being” ready to co-support a “dyad” or partnership with anoth already-self-positivised ‘peer’ person;

these two then establish theirselves as a positive dyad also ready to become a “threesome” with a third positivised-individual-

and from there it develops through “threesome-nessing”and  “co-sustainworthyingly”

which “works” like this :-

at the very first, before meeting-together -each individual needs to begin “self-sustainworthy-ing” including by majorly familiarising with thew Sources and Guidances.

Imagine some round-tables, of progressibe-sizes –

each table having some concenrtic rings upon it,

through which agreed sources and essential documents and books can be scrutinised
and ‘voted’ ‘rin-by-ring’ , step-by-unanimous step’, into the centre
where on the largest Plenum Table New Sustain-worthy Constitution will be established
(sooner and probably also ‘ongoingly’ later – until every-one is satisfied with it and with every one of its essentially participatively-democratically chosen contents)

At first each prospective-member brings along at least one book or document or documentary-dvd, which they believe is essential to our Humankind’s

now-and- longest-term-survival and thrival

Progressively, possible material for the New Constitutional.Centre should be ‘stored’ on the bookshelves all around the walls as in a library.

Small trolleys coujld be used to bring books to the tables when needed.
The first two groujps-of-three to ‘mature’ would be able to join with an ‘identically-ready’ other group-of-three –
to begin practising as a group of six –

and then with a further three would become a practising bottom-level ‘plenum’ of nine – sujbdividible into three smal-roundtables of three each.


The pre-existing Sources, Guidances, and Help-Things or Methods –

need to be in each prospective-member’s hands –

and there also needs to be an “initial steering “threesome”
who have at least comprehended the Sources and Guidances
and are “resonant” with our “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying ‘Raison D’Etre’ –
and can give references or clues to newer or other sustainworthying ‘prospectives.’


That’s the general “picture” to begin with.


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