How & Why Are You Hiding Your WorldView from The ‘Nasty Facts’ ?


“Per head of Population” – British People are consuming
and often also wasting

five (5) times more of this planet Earth’s total produce and resources than is their fair-share.


[Whilst USA Americans consume and waste nine(9) times more than their fair-share  which we as their “ally” support, too ]



is actually ‘life under’ Nasty Fact # 1 –

in that by “virtue” of the British Incomes-Expenditures Pyramid

the higher your income-&-assets, the bigger your unfair-share in the consumption and wastage of this DEarth’sproduce and resources –

so as bank-director you are consuming and wasting not just 5-times more, but of the ordder of 1000-trimes more :

Lowest income recipients are at the £150 per week (legislated minimum income) lev el;

in the middle of the pyramid the income 9without the assets) is about £1500 per week = 10-times more than the lowest;

whilst at “the tyop” the income may be £5,000,000 per year plus bonuses + “private” incomes from personal investments
= close to £150,000 per week
= 1,000 trimes more than the ‘poorest’ –


so proportionately, the UK’s total over-consumption of 5-times more than fair-share  sees
(I)  the poorest over-consuming at little more than 0.1 %  not 500%
(ii)  the wealthiest overconsuming at not 500% but 500 x 100,000 per cent  =  500 000,000

= “half-a-billion tikmes more than is their fair-share –

even if we add instead of multiplying, the wealthiest are still over-consuming and destroying/wasting
(5-times more) x (their percentage-greater-than-the-legislated minimujm income (£150 pw per person))

i.e. 5 x 1,000 = 5.000 times more tghan their (individually-pertsonal) fair-share of this planet’s lifesuppiorts and resources.


So that is a salient Human-Survival-&-Thrival Problem “threatening” every human being worldwide;

which may be why now
at least some serious and sober minded users of ‘public-places’
e.g. of the Peoples Cafe in Totnes Devon
are beginning to “discuss” these matters at a “round table”
– during their refreshment breaks from the “outside world”.
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And that is why these three not-for-profit, power nor prestige “clear information and discssion” web-sites exist, too ;

www, ; .

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