“Negotiables” also need to be Prioritised – [2111 Th 0709 17]

In fact, our whole-future depends upon our successfully prioritising
all the things that we value as being “sustainworthy”
as well as “essential-needs” –
to be carried-forward “longest-term”-

whilst lesser-worthy
(somewhat or totally un-necessary things)
get recycled, left-behind, or destroyed –

That is what this
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” and “Holistic Wellness Building”
– and so-and-so-forth from other “strategic-sustainworthiness-thinking minds” –
is all about –
scrutinising and setting priorities for things we need to carry-forward – sustainworthily
surely ?

 And our newly-sorted  “sustainworthiness-priorities lists” will essentially and unavoidably need to be “huge” – and certainly “long” –

as will currenmt lists-of-needs need to be established and published
before further legislating and regulating “rights”  i.e. “legal-permission to peacefully satisfy any such listed need” .

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