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Overall –
We do have –

we are not just “reading and swotting-up “”all about it”

and together-introvertedly-deliberating upon it –

and running it through our International Community Think-Tanks ” –

 “Our Wellness-Building Movement”

is of course  this is “part-and-parcel” of our

“Self-&-Civilisationa Co-Sustainworthying Movement” and “Holistic-Health-Building Co-Movement” –————-


and since what they,
and we in them,
have in-common is “movement“-


all we & you-in-us need to be doing – at any time – is “up-dating our movements”


Right ?


So, now –

how shall we “peacefully-co-constructively
and co-sustainworthyingly”

set about doing just this ?

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0540 W 06 09 17
My explanatory email to a local “Complementary Educator and Therapist” :-

Dear Therapist,
My situation –
and The Civilisational Situation –
I see myself in,
is one of ultimately-evil-and-impossible.impassable –

 Life-Erosion, Extinction and Destruction.
It has become a “human-evil both insidiously and brazenly “mass-murdering” Life on Earth – ours included.
And it’s no good “intuiting” that this John Sydney Denton Miles is in a sad state of “psychiatric depression” or of  “lost-sheep-ness”. and suchlike “misfortunes”.
The three e-sites I run (out of your taxes as well as out of “my-pocket” ) should show both succinctly and in lengthily-com[lex detail – what this “Situation” appears to be.
http://lifefresh.net  [this site – supported by previous ‘non-blog’ sites
focally by the References shown in their Basics, Foundations, Sources, Guidelines, and “Neglecteds” entries and lists.
“Oddly-fortuitously too” perhaps –
, the Westminster House of Lords’s small voluntary group running their “two-way public participatorily-democratic” e-site
http://lordsoftheblog.net  (launched in 2008)
has, since I ‘discovered’ it in May 2010,
verbatimly-published maybe more than 600 of my various submissions to their widely various posts.-
At 90 and variouly impaired/disabled,
I might be seen in some manner as trying to “co-run my personal sad-swan-song”.
– under the ‘guise’ of altruisticly stirring a “peaceful-revolution-pot” –
Who’s to judge ?   If we humans truly are “homo sapiens sapiens” then surely  such “reasoning-power” should have shown us
(for instance and ‘corely’) that
“One human being is ‘worth’ just one-human-living” –
so how can those of our (huge) numbers who draw more than one-human-living from the “common purse” be trusted to lead or even to guide – us ?
The psychiatrist will ‘spot’ our delusion quick enough –
whilst him/her-self being as many times deluded as the excess number of human-livings
which they have been and continue to be drawing
[and ‘being handed-out’.’bribed by’ -: an even deeper civilisational-corruption ?]
from “the common purse”.
And ‘psychiatrists’ are only  ~10 times-deluded :
whilst millions-upon-millions of other professionals are even more hugely ‘deluded’
such as a bank CEO who may be “earning”, “being paid” and “drawing”
as many as 400 human-livings !
{And reportedly with an additional £million annual  ‘bonus’ for being the director least culpable of “NOT doing the job” }
So I am hoping that you can help me to “weather” my particular part of this overall “Storm” – even if and when it may be only “in a teacup”.
With best regards,
John SDM.