“Cripples-for-Wellness-Building” —– 0630 ————->


Neith  Plymouth nor its nearby areas have any “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying and Holistic-Wellness-Building” Generic Services to the Public;

so we sustainworthying permanently low-incomeds have to either

“do it all alone just with the help of the right affordably published books and dvds;


travel to wherever such is available ‘affordably’ –

which in this 39B1 case seems to be Totness’ “Chapel Studios” – for “holistic gentle movement and music education and therapy”;

and later this month an 8-weeks course in “Mindfulness ‘Plus'” —

so it’s once or twice or thrice-per-week day-returns to Totnes (and to its further necessary taxi service, too)

without the senior-railcard because 39B1 has no passport and no drivers licence to prove he is what his National Bus Card and photo says he is –


  over and out ———- [0630 ——>]  Tuesday 05 09 2017 ———