Sustain-Worthy-Nesses’ “competitors” —— 0327 >0359—->


  (1) the Prevailing Civilisations all around the World
see themselves as being “already perfectly worthy”
and as being “defending-champions”
one of whose whose “natural-and-divine-enemies” is

(of course )


How so ?

Alright, “howto  show it so” ?

That these three Not-for-profit free-to-use public information, fac, and reasoning reveal –

every prevalently-existing civilisation and organisation
( – and inside or outside of that “every individual-human-being-person”) in the World –

must each and all be already so perfect that

a) she/he/ it doesn’t ‘need’ to learn any thing new or different,
does not need to include, nor to communicate ,
nor in any cooperative or inter-supportive way to connect with us here,
nor to appreciate the existence of  our “Cause”
and of its ‘insidely-adaptable’ outside Sources and Guidances
published by ‘previous’ leaderfully-expert people
(who pre-existed before “Sustainworthiness” began ‘gestating’ with these three e-sites
and ‘therefore’ such already-established bodies, being perfect or ‘already knowing ‘winningly-enough’ –
have no need nor ‘interest’ in joining with these three  “sustainworthying” e-sites
in “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” and “Holistic-Wellness & Health co-building”

Not a living soul joins in; therefore every-one still outside of this “Sustainworthy-ing” movement, is alrady “perfect” –

and therefore is already longest-term “sustainworthy-and-co- suatinworthying


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