So “we” have now completed an orientational “multi-circle ” – 0641 Sunday 02 September 2017 ——–>

“We” evidently having now completed an eco-neighbourhood co orientational  “multi-circle ” of lifeforms and a shared-purpose  
i.e. as with a waking-dream, the meeting and overlapping of Natural and/or of Civilisational Lifeforms’-“wholes”

in the multi-sense of several “individual-but-whole-participants” meeting and over-lapping into a new “synergic” state of “place & rest”,
within the Space domain “wholly-directionally [vertically, longitudinally, and horizontally]”,
also within the Time, Colour, Shaping (a ‘subdomain of Space if you will), Temperature, Movability,  and Quantity* – domains.

 sequentially or “progressively” overlapping.
This also brings the immediately-less-perceptible probability of
a “co-organising Life-Body or Sphere” –
a composite lifeform made up of smaller component lifeforms and infrastructural forms.

such ‘co-inciding circles’ being but one “face” of a greater Natural and/or Civilisational Sphere or
“Living-Shape – a “Multi-Lifeform – presenting itself or being-presented-as – a supralymbic-brain signal
intelligently being carried-forward as a dynamic ‘snapshot’, of some “we-‘whoevers’-are-now-part -of-and-are-sharing-in”-
some threefold Space-directional and multi-domainal  ‘entity’.
———————————————– –

. * the Quantity domain encompasses all “measures” and “measurabilities” – height, depth, width; weights-&-measures generally
(and includes ‘Dimensions’ other than the three Directions within the Space domain (which have to rely on ‘borrowing’ ‘numbers’ e.g. for distances


“Signs and Omens” ————>  continuable  ————————-   0641 Sunday


“Domains” footnotes:
(possibly “set” –  akin to the mathematical “non-variable” x-axis factor)