CONSOLIDATING (0729 ——————>)


First we re-assert our EssentialFoundational Guidances, Sources, and Life-Facts-So-Far
( including other ‘non-negotiable’  Factors Experiences, Reasonings and Formal-Argumentations}

We are ‘all about’ – 

” ‘Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying’ and ‘Holistic-Wellness-&-Health-Co-Building’ *

Relying very fundamentally upon our herein-published
Lists of Guidances and Sources.
[ please see ‘Basics’ and ‘Foundations’ pages in
and random;entries in the text, yet to be added to the collected lists.


We therewith being ‘about’ peacefully founding a new Sustainworthy Civilisation here and now on this Planet Earth

need to be ever “re-prioritising” our earlier and present Civilisations’  “Needs and-Hows” –
in order to be effectively carrying-forward our Lifesupportive-Essentials and Values.


————- 0729  a new 90+10 minutes timeframe is beginning ———- Sunday 02 09 17 —–>-