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  Help is needed to make an effective communication –

Subject:  Urgency of KeepMoat Replacing kitchen in 39B Miles Mitchell Avenue

Dear Sirs,
It has been under sickness and duress that I kept communicating to KeepMoat to get this 39B old kitchen up-dated.

Much time has been lost by KeepMoat in failing to acknowledge many messages left via telephone and text-messaging to KeepMoat –

Who did eventually,  however belatedly, inspect and tell me that the kitchen does qualify for replacement, and the designer would come next after I had removed some shelving to make the kitchen door fully passable –  which I did and advised within a day or two.

However, no acknowledgement was made, nor any further contact until your joint Affinity Sutton-KeepMoat letter saying that
“KeepMoat has been trying to contact Mr Miles”  –  no mention of my responding and of my leaving repeated messages with KeepMoat – thus making it look as if the long delays have been totally due to my not contacting KeepMoat.

Your letter goes on to say that “KeepMoat” has run out of time to do my kitchen –
until at least April 2018
when a “new” programme of updates will start.

I have been in this tenancy since mid-2003  and yet newly arrived tenants have been updated before me.

In February, due to the steps light having failed, I fell and had to be hospitalised with a fractured very painful kneecap; and my caree had also to be given a waiting-bed in the hospital too.

The health authorities further  required that this flat be brought up to suitability for my homeless-‘refugee’ (through-no-fault-of-hers-nor-of-mine) more –elderly and impaired caree to return to, for the 24/7 voluntary unpaid care Plymouth City Council Adult Social Care had got me to agree to give her and almost all of which no authority nor service could provide for her.

I had the flat ready for her to return from temporary care in Amberley Care Home Plympton;
but the authorities had incarcerated her under a ‘Deprivation of Liberty Order’, and not only would not let me take her out such as for a church service, but strongly pressured me not to even visit her – “because she gets so upset she can’t return to 39B Miles Mitchell Avenue with me”.

So whilst we were advised and registered by PCC Adult Social Care to move into a groundfloor  place with own high-fencable garden 2BR flat or bungalow, the various authorities have made it such that my caree is the only one “in need” – yet has ‘partly-registered’ us as a carer-caree pair in 2Br need, but limited to three steps;

And whilst PCC-Devon Home Choice have been sending the weekly “properties available “ list to my caree, never has it yet contained a suitable property – and whilst I have visited PCC and written too, still these “useless” lists keep coming ;

And neither of us can bid for any place anyway due to the authorities having wrongly – or deliberately-discriminatorily – listed us as being “anti-social”; furthermore some single places ‘suitable for two’ have come up but we are not even allowed to bid for them because amongst other barriers we are limited to three-steps 2BR ground-floor.

When neither Affinity Sutton nor ColebrookSWSLtd could comprehend Method III ‘No Lose’ Cooperative problem-Solving , nor could they nor the NHS and UK Law themselves understand ‘Holistic Wellness and Health building’, and your officer Donovan Henn and his female CEO failed to answer my request for their help to get our notices right in the Hall (which my caree and I funded pending other wellness-minded tenants joining in and ‘taking-over Holistic Wellness Raising and so forth, egalitarianly.

Instead, ColebrookSWLtd was aggressive, failed to meet with me,  and on some “prevailing-adversary-law” pretext tore down our friendly notices, but left up other tenants notices, such as Darts, Bingo, Computers, Bowls, and Knitting – the pretext being that “they are normal people and fit in, but you are not normal and don’t fit in”.

They wrote officiously, banning me from ever setting foot in Affinity Sutton halls ever again, on pain of arrest for trespass.
and calling my co-assertive stance “anti-socially-aggressive”;
and whilst the Crownhill Manager (Debbie Fogell ) had appreciated and encouraged my reach-out to all other tenants on this Miles Mitchell Estate, in this specific more ‘cooperatively-egalitarian’ use of the Hall, higher Affinity Sutton Management did not and on the contrary supported ColebrookSWLtd’s utterly-skewed, wrongful ,  and ‘tyrranically victimising’ ban of myself from “ever entering the Hall again”.

All of this has been previously notified to Affinity Sutton.

The only way forward for me is in this 39B bedsit-flat, until such time as the other “barriers” are remedied, including of course over my caree Ms Adela Katlewska, and my still-remaining willingness to continue as her main carer as before, but in properly suitable accommodation and with support for all our lifesupportive needs and affordable-hows.
Our situations have been wrongfully made invidious, by the authorities  – and this reflects very strikingly upon the authorities themselves – with whom I have always. and still do, try to make progress, but who are more like hugely-towering  ‘rogue’ icebergs in-the-dark-night , than genuinely-unbiased and non-discriminatory all-of-lifesupports services.
Yours sincerely,
JSD Miles.
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