Which Way Round ? – “You” first – or “Nature” ? [1333 ]


Basicly “life”  may be
Earth – Nature – Civilisation – Neighbourhood – You (or ‘Me’)

or vice versa

You – Neighbourhood – Civilisation – Nature – Earth



“Un-naturally”, human-civilisation is resulting in both Earth and Nature being largely “wasted”
and “over-killed”
by both “overpopulation” and “over-technologised tools and weapons”.



The “every-one survives, gets satisfied, and thrives” solution
is not so easily “evident” and “implementable”.-

(i)  for the World-Governing Rich Few
it seems to be such an ongoingly-desperate matter as to warrant

the falsification of the Earth’s Lifesupports and “general-storehouse-of-materials”
as being “infinite” and “self-renewable”

along with also falsifying the civilisational Monies System
such that human money-systems fail to faithfully represent lifesupports, resources, goods and services.

Our world-governing-few further ‘achieved’ the ability
to create hugely empty and ballooning-inflationary “Paper-Money-Bubble-Currencies” –
in ongoing  trillions of “loanable” amounts
that are turning out to be not only “not enough” but also increasingly “never repayable”, too.


Within all of which stands “you” –

——– (continuable ?  surely we have to hope so ————  [whilst we’re away choring and self-healing ———–   [ 1333 ]