We All Live In A Yellow “Submarine”


We All Live In A Cowardly-Yellow “Submarine” 

is increasingly becoming “The Case” –

daily dumped upon us by the
“expert top socially-mobiles” –

who remain increasingly-richly and powerfully [but not “capably-governing and leading”]
“blinding” us
and “need-to-know-democraticaly constraining”  us
from Holistic Health building
and from forming and joining-in a
Peacefully-Sustainworthying ‘Revolution’ –

whilst every “front” of our World, its “United Nations’, its “Global-Economies”, and its ‘Rules-of-Law’
not to mention our “Education” and “Media” systems
all drive and sink us into deeper irreversible shortfalls, delusions of “self-almightyness” and “common-sense-reasoning” that “since we can never repay the huge Debts we have been accruing, to the Earth itself  …  and totally inhumanely bloody-strifes

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