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Our Self-Extincting Missing-Link

we have identifiked and detailed as being an avoidance of

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-worthy-ing” and “Holistic Health-building”.

Here is a post still open, by Lord Hylton
of the House of Lords’s small “participativly-democratic two-way ‘reach-out’ to the Public via  http://lordsoftheblog.net .

Abolishing the Death Penalty

by Lord Hylton • 09/08/2017 • 16 Comments

I have been opposed to executions ever since I became involved with cases of miscarriage of justice, many years ago.  The struggle against capital punishment goes on across the world, though rather slowly.

Some of you may have heard BBC 5 Live’s programme on 8 August.  This had an interview with Kris Maharaj and his wife, Marita.  He has been on death row in USA for 30 years.  His barrister claims that he is innocent.

The case seems to highlight the inefficiency and cruelty of some judicial systems.  In Saudi Arabia, fourteen men are facing death.  They include two juveniles and a disabled man.

Please work to get capital punishment abolished, wherever humane imprisonment is possible.




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16 comments for “Abolishing the Death Penalty”


09/08/2017 at 11:45 am

I agree with you on the death penalty. However, I believe Kris Maharaj’s sentence was commuted to life imprisonment some years ago. I do think whole life sentences should be an option, although not in the unsanitary conditions Mr Maharaj is said to have suffered.




10/08/2017 at 10:14 am

We first and foremost need to have at least one immediate-&-longestterm Alternative to “killing-off”.

We would not include the two extremes of “unsanitary conditions” (thank you, Jonathan)
nor “mollycoddling” (three good meals a day, plenty of safe-solitude and supervised ‘socialising’…)

[nor of course “bribery-corrupt ‘privileges’ – between warder and imprisoned”].
I am a ‘voluntary unpaid champion’
for “Self-&-Civilisation Sustain-worthy-ing” –
promoting “population de-urbanisation” into peacefully-revolutionarily-new
“Leasehold-only Sustain-worthy-ing-ly Lifeplace Cooperative Kitchen-and Market Gardening Estates”
(please don’t laugh just yet –
there’s plenty of cool background to this reasoning via http://lifefresh.net) –

within which peaceful-revolution criminals too could be
[e.g. barbed wire surrounding their caravans-sub-estate or ‘sub-corner’ of a larger ‘new-normal’ Sustain-worthy-ing Estate “]
upon perhaps slightly less “comfortable” frugalities and productivities bases
than the “new-normal” sustain-worthy-ing ‘new-mainstream’ tenants in the Main Estates…

{let me “give way” here ?)

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maude elwes

11/08/2017 at 3:57 pm

Lord Hylton,

The death penalty is not simply used to convict and punish those guilty of a crime. It is used as a political ploy to rid a country of its opposition. Or, as a pay back for past triumphs. As in George Bush senior using the British, through the Blair betrayal, in order to see Saddam Hussain hang. Saddam had ridiculed Bush senior over the Kuwait event. Bush had been the head of the CIA when Hussain was set up by the US to lead Iraq. So, his naughty boy Kuwait escapade had to be seen to be punished severely, in order to teach others a lesson. The end result, of course, was the Iraqi people made to eat it along with him.

I’m against the death penalty in any country and of course would add my name to any petition backing abolition. However, experience has taught me, human kind across the planet, evolves differently, some faster than others. Some not in tune with all or any. Therefore, to impose the wishes of one culture on another, within there own sphere, is neither workable or desirable. As, when you do believe you are right and therefore all must follow your lead, it inevitably ends with you taking the role of ‘parent.’ And as such, become responsible, in a paternal way, for those you have destabilised by interference.

The outcome we see daily on our news and in our homeland. It will not be long before the death penalty will be once again called for as part of British law. As we will have now imported the base thinking of that which we wanted to rid the planet of. Laws of the world are now the expectation of those we call British.

There are consequences and they are dire, when a seeing eye of righteousness decides others must follow their lead.




14/08/2017 at 12:37 pm

from my chosen “civilisation-sustainworthying reform” base which sees the monopolisticly dominant Rule of Law, planet-wide, to be
“militantly over-destructive &-under-constructive adversarism”:
and I now attempt some individual ‘scrutiny’ steps:-

(1) That (“) the death-penalty

[jsdm seeks to add detail: but especially the cloak and dagger “covert elimination” also allowing “honour killing” and various “permanent maimings and disablements
e.g. “female-circumcision”]

is a ‘ploy’ to get rid of opposition to a somewhat-flawed and vulnerable top-down “rule-of-law”(“).

yet this needs to be constitutionally as well as legislatively and civil-administratively fine-tooth-comb scrutinised and reformed for both today and the long-term ‘tomorrow’.

(there are further points, but let me give way here –
for the sake of “reading, learning, inwardly-digesting, discussing, and “responding”)


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  2. :



15/08/2017 at 11:29 pm

Also consider the hugely denied “Human Civilisational Shadow” across the whole of this Earth- –
deeply and more grimly and bulgingly ‘growing’, including beneath our very own feet :-

(i) Long before the Saddam Hussein disaster, the USA had been “grabbing” other countries’ oil, strategic-commodities, and food-producing acreages,

and actually “competitively-economicly” using them to grossly pollute it’s own airspaces, waters, lands – and People.

e.g. Here in short was Saddam Hussein “doing the wrong thing –and for the wrong ostensible reason”-
yet the USA did need to be “reined-back” – and still does – for its “Americans first” and worldwide “economic, political, and military “colonialism” and “ad baculum extraction contractualities””.

Likewise USA versus China, and versus other Countries, has seen the USA ‘blindly’
‘ doing the wrong thing –
doing it for the wrong reason’.

(ii) Britain likewise, as in its colonial-dominance days, and as is still,
“doing wrong things for wrong reasons”
[e.g. selling huge arms and weapons-of-human-destruction to Saudi Arabia
to literally “genocide” Yemenis inside Yemen.).
These are reliable reported international media facts, including being reported by our very own honest-to-God BBC
– and they are about ‘evil’ conduct – even ‘bad’ conduct by our own Establishment, Legislature, and Business powers –
who at the same time ‘skulk’ behind “parliamentary-privileges”, “not-my-pay-level-culpability”,”personal-protections”, and “I was only obeying orders”.

And all, USA and UK alike, claim to be patrioticly-protecting their own Country’s inviolable needs, democracy, and accustomed-lifestyles.

Their “patriotic selves” are protected by immunity clauses in legislation and in their contracts, exonerating them from “wrongdoing”
and immunising them from the many Death-Penalty-like judgements and punishments that should be brought,
against their perpetrating-classes
and ”at the top” against their own personal-selves.



18/08/2017 at 11:54 am

Perhaps you were unaware that the Conservative Member for Newbury caused the Speaker to raise an eyebrow when as part of the Loyal Address he said “…It was in Staines that Sir Thomas More, one of your less fortunate predecessors, Mr Speaker, was tried, before his execution on Tower Hill—may you avert that fate…”

Are you saying that in the event of treason the death sentence should be commuted to life imprisonment? With the mutually exclusive separation of both houses now destroyed by precedent would you ask the same for the Lord Speaker?

The Rt. Hon. Member for Carshalton and Wallington was having none of this, on another day he would rise to his feet without a necktie. Challenged by other members Mr Speaker would advise that no member should feel obliged to wear a necktie so long as they were smartly dressed.

Whilst history records Sir Thomas More there is no mention of his executioner: he probably came from a family business that ran a knacker yard. Here worn out run down animals often diseased and unfit for human consumption would be killed by a knacker. The only thing left of value being the animals hide.

In the modern era the most celebrated executioner was Johann Reichart. Today the colours of the German flag hide a history of violence and revolution in the 19th century and there were many executions so many that they adopted and refined the guillotine. Reichart would go on to further refine it. He showed great respect to his guests by dressing smartly in a black suit with tails a white shirt with necktie white gloves and a top hat.

Ref: The Loyal Address: Thursday June 22, 2017
History of the Guillotine: Rt. Hon. John Wilson Croker (1853)



22/08/2017 at 2:43 am

It’s ‘nothing’, Senex ; and I havn’t yet read all that you say –

but in http://lifefresh.net it is ‘argued’ that
just one word alone
can sabotage a whole civilisation’s future –

and ‘ugently’ that word in your comment would be
(not ‘could’ be) –

Our entire human-race Civilisation is in a “complicit” criminal state of “treason” – against this Earth’s Lifesupports –


this Human Race’s miniscule number of leaders
who have long been self-locking-into a state of “treason”
and of “insidious mass genociding”
against billions of honest-to-God working and sustainworthily-living
and trusting
‘kindred’ human-beings.-

So it is that miniscule of “human-race-leaders” who are already our Main-Human-Race-on-Earth’s Executioners-In-Progress –

And we can ‘bet’ on their ‘banking’
that they will be the “thriving-survivors” –

-not even having to “answer” for their crimes.



21/08/2017 at 12:02 pm

Bercow is a joke.

I warned him in January before the Westminster Bridge attack, in writing that it was not being policed.

You can’t have 300 Romanian mafia operate there and have it being policed against terrorism. The two are contradictory.

End result – lots of people killed.

Mods – Have no doubt that I have the email chain sent to Bercow’s account.



23/08/2017 at 10:04 am

The truths that we the “ordinary people” find,
and then Earth-citizenlike-dutifully submit, to such e-sites as this Lords of the Blog for instance –

they get there, but then are “blocked” from ever entering into our “Democracy” –

Our democracy ?
Government (of the people, for the people, by the people) requires 24/7 governance-watchfulness and response-ability from every ‘subject’ or from their advocate.

MPs including The Lords and the LocalGovernment councillors and civil-servants,-are supposed and believed to be ‘my’ and our advocates. The Constitution is not thus “democratic” but is set unreachably deep “in concrete” “oligarchical-minority-autocraticly” one-way repressively “downwards”

For one governance-scrutinisable email-train –
(Blagger’s democratic-response-ability via the central “conduit” Speaker Bercow in the House of Commons) –
Indeed, for any minority or ‘lone-person’ submission in to be even recognised as ‘existing’
requires a “democratic” 100,000 citizens’ signatures on a formal Petition ,
Before it can be even “looked at” by government and the Parliaments.

Incidentally, what might be the “democratic” –
even “human-developmental” value
of the three voluntary not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-sites
http://lifefresh.net ;
http://www.one-human-living.com ;
http://www.lifefresh.co. uk ?
They too all endeavour to make-publicly-known
genuine research and real-life-founded advances in Life- Knowledge- & – Lifeplace*-Know How
that are being “skipped” and even “repressed” by the dominant authorities, including by universities and their catalogues.
* the Workplace takes only 40 hours per week usually with only one skill being pre-requisite;
Whereas the Lifeplace occupies 128 hours per week, and requires a ranging and often “rag-tag” bundle of much-more-vulnerable “enablements” and “rights – evidently not rooted in actual Needs”.

maude elwes

23/08/2017 at 4:14 pm

@ Blagger

What you are forgetting is, Parliament and their off shoots do not want to know of or look at what people who are entering this country are doing to the indigenous British. Whether that is ‘terror’ killing or abuse of the population.

Government policy is very offended by the reality that points to their ignorance and to the obvious dislike and discontent ‘they’ have encouraged and supported by their love of diversity and repeated open arms policy toward those from outside our borders. They simply cannot acknowledge their culpability. Take Rotherham. Willing to destroy the lives of our children rather than admit sexual deviance, from our cultural point of view, is common in the homelands of the culprits. Mustn’t say or do anything to draw attention to the ideology promoting total destruction of our society must we? Mustn’t mention the obvious racism toward our own people, as that is just not British, is it? Keep it all under wraps and with a bit of luck nobody will find out until they are all dead. Got to keep the Members of Parliament quiet as drawing attention to what is outright treason may upset our apple cart and force us to rethink our, so called, ‘liberal’ politics. Or, end up facing calls for hanging. Us that is.




25/08/2017 at 2:25 pm

Bercow and Sir Thomas More share little except the Commons experience. Bercow is no saint whilst More was created one. Mores death sentence on humanitarian grounds was commuted from being hung drawn and quartered to decapitation.

An opportunity would present itself in the commutation of a contemporary Speakers death sentence. Members of either house could see the Speaker escape by agreeing to have their taxpayer funded incomes recovered in full from their estates on their death by the Duchy of Lancaster.

Which leads onto 1911 and the £400 per year provided to MPs as salaries; it has never been clear as to where or how Lloyd George came up with this figure. It seems he did some lateral thinking. Who else had the power to create legislation? The answer is the Courts with their power of delegated legislation.

He looked at Magistrates receiving a stipend. Whether or not they had powers of delegated legislation they were paid £400 per year. His legislators would be paid the same and by the taxpayer. Magistrates on the other hand were paid for by the Duchy of Lancaster.

This leads onto how members’ daily allowances are now funded. Instead of being funded by the taxpayer, members could take a cue from Lloyd George and have it funded by the Duchy of Lancaster. Whilst the arrangement for MPs would be to die for it would also be deflationary. Would they however do the deal?


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24/08/2017 at 1:04 pm

Rotherham, Westminster Bridge and Romanian Criminals are just politicians and the police ignoring threats to the public. It’s not a migration issue, but in this case a political correctness issue.

Racism to Brits is rampant. It’s a standard thing that comes out of Remoaners.

e.g Migrants are brilliant and highly educated, brits are lazy, ill educated oafs. Ask them why the public sector has failed to educate, or where the cherry pickers with PhDs are and they get pissed off.

It’s very simple, for a migration policy do the following.

  1. No criminals.

Commit a crime here, you are out.

Criminal record? You can’t come.

  1. Net contributors only.

You have to pay more tax than the average cost to come and stay. That way the UK is better off, and the migrant. Everyone knows migrants are paying their way, and since that’s more than average wages, they won’t be on welfare, in social housing. The excuses of the British racists are removed.

Equally, since you have a real stake, you’ll have to be qualified to pay 12.6K a year in tax, speak English, and you will integrate because its the only way to earn 36K per year per person [including dependents] i.e 72K a year if you bring a spouse.

  1. No discrimination.

Religion [yes], race, gender, sexual preference, nationality, colour, whatever, irrelevant. Unlike the current racist policy.

What’s not to like, unless you’re a peer or MP when you won’t be able to get a nanny on the cheap, with other people making up the shortfalls.



01/09/2017 at 2:59 am

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

“Shortfalls” – is a hugely “lurking” controlling-issue
(thank you Blagger for this ultimately undercutting and overpowering strategicly-mass-destructive case-descriptor ) –

for it has long been the case, that whilst
(a) the Earth’s Lifesupports & Human-Civilisation-Infrastructural-Supports have been dwindling –
[- the opposite of what the “Stock-Market’s” GNPs show
which is an ever-upwardslongest-term increase in Lifesupports and Civilisational-Infrastructure Supports “profits”] –
(b) Our bosses and leaders and United Nations Bodies have been promoting “ballooning” and “run-away” increases in levels of
(i) human-population numbers,
(ii) “vaster-quantities” of vapidly “goods-less and service-less” empty money-currencies, investments and ‘derivatives’ (including increasingly worthless “private and personal pensions”),
(iii) focally ‘huger’ too, “private” cars and toxicly-luxurious goods including “own-your-own-homes”;
(iv) highly-hedonistic and deeply-deluded “multiple-human-livings”
civilisational pyramids and ‘socially-mobile’ towers.

Reference: It is still the case as Australian professors Jonathan Stone and David Smith included in the Australian Internationally available TV Open University course “Environmental Studies”1980s that
(“) We humans have become literally ‘a plague upon Earth’ (“) (Stone);
(“) … with the Earth’s economic resources and stock-in-ground ever now decreasing, “downwards”
but the human-demands and GDPs via the Stock-Market showing an ever longest-term ‘climbing’ of our “Wealth” –
someone needs to be telling the economists that they have a fundamental equation vitally wrong somewhere (“)(D. Smith) –

Summarising : ——-> Our civilisational-structures’ material supports
and also our very own life-supports
are in a hugely-insidious Vacuum-Shortfall –

whilst we are governance-domineered to be increasingly and hedonisticly-consumeristsickly “fiddling-whilst-Rome-burns”,

and are told to be “morally and sustainably set” to be “levelling the poorest people up, and indeed ‘everybody’, “up” – “up” –
“up” to the level of the richest and best people,
rather than in the least to ever be bringing the best and richest perfect-few “down” –
– to being both able and willing
to better-thrivingly-survive off just one-human-living each – (longest as well as shortest term)

Conclusion: That is our real “mother-of-all-evils”,
our insidious “Biggest-Issue”

and the Cause of such lesser big-issues as this “capital-punishment” one –

– within which also ‘diseasing’ us
drags on the Arabs-Israelis issue Conflict –
very largely based in the Arabs’ deepest intent to
“chop-up all the Israelis and toss their body-parts into the Mediterranean Sea” –

– ‘racial vigilantism’, ‘kangaroo-court-ism’,
and mass death-penalty capital-punishment …’