Our Human-Civilisations Foundations and Prospects [0430 Friday 01 September 2017]


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Nolw we return to new-foundational material –

the Big-Poiont being that –

the quite large number of hitherto denied or neglected genuinely leaderful advances in Knolwledges and Know-Hows

even the “best of the old”  is insidiously – at least ‘unawarely’ – causing us all, top right through to bottom -to


fail .

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Take the 2nd edition ‘heavy-tome’ of 
Foundations of Nursing Practice :
 Fundamentals of Holistic Care 
[Brooker & Waugh 2013]  ———->

Since even the United Nations has not yet established an Indiviual Human Development model, programme and index;

and since under UK Law “there is no such legal-entity as ‘Holistic Health’ [AgeUK’s Solicitor, Plymouth UK]

evidenced also by the total absence in Britain of an Hoilistic Health building model and support-guidance/leadership service

[NB the NHS isactually troublesomely  mis-named,
because it is the UK National Clinicly Medical Illnesses & Hospitals Sector –
(as yet our British Wellness-Building Movement does not exist .
“poor” Spain, however,  does have one, , distinctly separately from their essentially ‘clinical’ Medical and ‘NHS’ sector, so we are told by their visiting nurses here in the UK ) ]

despite any “good” that bis in them {and there is plenty] just about every publication on the government’s “recognition” lists and on the Universities’ “teaching” lists

is ill-founded
upon inadequate basic “raisons-d’etre”.-

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