1930 “we’re” here ——-> 2047———->”Complementaril;y Holistic-Health-building Together”


Today one of our local Healing-Helping Complementary Therapies Centres
further ‘took-on-board’ * the Notions of

  • (1) The Sevenfold Naturally-Innate Divine Human Energy Centres
    and their respective ‘branches’ ; –
  • our growth and development after birth, up through which to aged approximately 21,
    we ‘naturally and mostly “unawarely”progress, one central ‘bunch’ after  another
    until we’ve “mastered” all of them[,

    a progress perhaps being best begun in thought and practce with a notion of
    a “Chakra  #0 ”
    being one’s externalising-connection with –
  • and dependency upon –
  • the Ground below one’s feet –
  • needing to be at least “mindfully” acknowledged
    before proceeding –

    (2)  one’s upwards progress (towards the body-based chakra # 1 at the base of the spine and pelvis)  through the toes. ankles. lower-legs, knees.upper-legs and hip-joints -into one’s Root chakra # 1
    [which in practice is our ‘first-and-foremost “bum” centre
    together with the bony coccyx
    and there-around has our “grounding” energy’s ;branches’;


which, further agreed, brought us to

(3)  a very ‘foggy foggy’

of Chakra # 2 in our “divinely-innate-human-energies ‘Tree’ ” –

the Sexual-energies sub-branches of   –
the Hara and “Breadbasket” human-energy “collection-of-‘sub-energies” –
the function of which whole Hara-centre is to be “Centering” one
(naturally and developmentally after mastering the basic “self-grounding”,
and before further newly ‘focusing’ with the Solar Plexus chakra #3 ‘whose’ function is to be “Boundaying” us ..

  • ———————————————-
  • Thereafter  (all broadly-agreed so far) as humans  “we” continue mastering and taking control of
    our further Divinely-Innate Human-Energies (chakras # 4a & 4b, 5, 6, and 7
  • – with a possibly ‘notional’  chakra # 8 being our upwards-externalising upwards-and-outwardsilsinmg connection
    with The Divine “Itself” –
    and all that that “means”..
  • ——————————————————————————————————
  • Yesterday the same Complementary Health-building and Remedial Therapy Centre other staff had ‘taken on board’ –
  • (having already had during previous decades of life some personal experience of and engagement with)
  • the “underpinning”
    and the “over-arching”
    fields of Human Movement evolution ** paralleled by Mind-evolution ***

  • and the “proposed” new Foundational Education Faculty of “Somatics” ***** as major parts of our Holistic Health Building task and ‘life-enjoyment’ -**  Effort by Laban & Lawrence; Wisdom of the Body-Moving by Linda Hartley; and Others.*** incl The Mind-Functions work of Carl Gustav Jung ;

    **** ‘Somatics’  paraphrasingly- defined as
    (“) The essential Natural-evolution, and Civilisational-development, of our Human species movement needs and capabilities(“)
    see Somatics by Thomas Hanna.



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