Reminder: #2 [1611 W 30 08 17]



 We must keep “detaching” our spirits, minds, feelings and bodies –  from the Governments and Employers that quite imperceptibly “own” us –

we need more “emulable” Lifeplace leaders –
and fewer Highly-overpaid leaders and ‘celebrities’ —

we need to have clear “generic” guidance, too –
equally helpful to both sexes male and female alike (‘though with minority-numbers’ “special” needs stgill being ‘allowed’ and supported)-

Little Black Book comes from Otegna Uwagba
and is “aimed at women” under a sub-titling “A Toolkit For Working Women”.
is ‘studded’ with ‘pearls-of-wisdom-  as useful to men as to women

I find it eminently suitable as a “Reminder” pocket book, for Men and Children too –

even just for the Key-word reminders briefly guiding most of us,  almost on every page –

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