Conflicting-Peoples and their Overarching Governance Failures: “Middle-East” ————> [ 0759 W 30 08 17 ]


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“Figuratively” –
as I see that Israel-Situation
the whole territory called Israel
is more like a cirrhosis-infected liver –
having within its borders “pockets” of hostile “foreign-bodies” [the Arab-“Palestinians”] –

It is more an externally existence-thratened and “infiltrated” tiny little country, internally-invaded and ‘parasited’ seriously-deluded “enemies”,-
than it is a homogeous Israeli nation-of-people and Israeli territorial nation-state.

In size it is “miniscule” relatively-to
and contrastingly-“against”
the hugely domineering, surrounding, and overwhelming Arab areas and causatively-hostile Arab and “Palestinian” peoples…

Without up-front clearing-and-cleaning-up that Issue, all else including “nuclear-capabilities” have been and still become mere “bandaids” –
so it seems to me.