Reminder: ——–> (0010)

we prepare ourself for a major-change – 2359 Tuesday 29 —–> 0001 Wednesda-y 30 August 2017

–  we prepare ourself for, and ‘on the dot’ have begun to be making  a major-change-

this is as each fresh cardinal-timeframe approaches [0600-0900 1200 1500 1800 2100 0000:

in a few minutes now 0000 —-
> —————————
Because of the bio-natural human boy rhythms
we tend to give ourself “vigilance-shidts’ –

3-hour sfifts by day

and 90 minute shifts by night.

Hewre has just started  – a multiple of 90 minutes shifts

because of the dreaming time at the end of each 90 minutes –  we add 10 minutes to the 90 minutes end that we wake up to-

So if we sleep 6 hours we have three 90 moinutes continuously ‘asleep’ even after the dreaming at the end of each 90 minuites

and could set our alarm clock for 6 hours-and-10 mionutes – to give ourself time to complete ouir final dream as we wake up./

————- [ 0005 ]

================= Sp my major change is to be endeavouring to make ‘public’ progress
with “appreciating” and also “scrutinising” our Sources and Guidances material (as recently begun below) .

But first I must do some reading of them
and note-taking/making –

[0010 ]