Midway at Midday – continuing our Searching and Scrutinising 1241 —–>1332

First, regularly and often we  neeg to pause to remind ourselves
“where could I, should I,  begin this time – or maybe every time ?”
clearly before”what would come next”
 Individually – and very personally –  as if just

(1) waking up from sleep –
(a) “How ‘balanced and comfortable am I, and all my ‘bodyparts, ‘ feeling ; ”
(b) “How and what bodypart could I, should I, move first –  and how -“and
(c) “What’s going on in my mind ?”
(d) “What was I dreaming ?” –
(e) “Can I jot down a word or two about any of this, on my ‘(bedside)-personal-notebook’ ?”

and last by not least

(f) “What’s the most difficult task that I need to be tackling first when I get out of bed for today’s progress ?”

(2)  As the day proceeds –  “MAEN-ly”
(g)  what could be my timeframes and what-doing in them
0600 – 1200   Morning;
1200 – 1800 Afternoon;
1800 – 2400/0000 Evening;
0000 – 0600 Night .

= and what sub-timeframes – and timeslots  and maybe smaller shorter  ‘time-slits’  therein ?

(h)  What and where are my Sources and Guidances for any of this ?
(Books by the bed ? – by the armchair ?
in the rucsac or handbag if I’m going out ?)


(3)  What do I need to have with me if I’m meeting with anybody else ?



Note please:  Our sevenfold divinely-innate human-energies include
“highest-level intellectual reasoning and thinking”
as well as at the other end of the spine
“keeping ourself clean””.

Our sexual feelings and ‘behaviours’ are “only” a part
of energy-centre number 2 – in the “breadbasket” –
yet publicly, socially and ‘culturally’ they not only “domineer”
but indoctrinate us that “Porn” covers all sexual-abilities and performances –
so need to be clearly well-practiced  in disginguishing “levels”, “qualities & quantities” and “suitabilities”
of the Sources and Guidances available

especially top begin with distinguishing “filthy-language and exaggerated, distorted “Porn”
from seriously and cleanly-presented educational-demonstration. “,

Erotic sources and guidances are included in these our three not-for-profit, power nor prestgige e-sites –

and whilst ‘we’  are singling-out www.hegre-art.com  as a clean
and clearly educational “Erotic enablements” website,

still youi need to “grade” every minute of each video they show –

as a personal instance your publisher here has only just found and watched a “Sexual Exploration” hetertosexual video –

and ‘scores ‘it +90% “good” – “that’s the way I’d like my partnertship to be”
from the very beginning and most of the way through –
but at the very end the ‘scoreing’ of the man’s climax reaches less than 50% –
because when the woman has helped  the man to ejaculate onto his own belly –  (60% – she should have been going much slower) –
then begins tasting that semen (albeit “seriously and carefully ‘learningly’) –

there is nstill a lurking sense of “exaggerated porn” about that (for this observing-person) –

This ‘defining’ note is necessary in our overall “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthy-ing and Holistic-Health-buikldsing” questings and questionings –

into which has

just been handed
across my threshold by a mid-neighbour –
on behalf of my vertically-downtairs neighbour to which address Amazon had mistakenly or ‘securely’ delivered it –
some just published non-fiction advances
in human-development and ‘personal-health-rescue’ leadership


Trauma :  A Practical Guide to Working with Body and Soul by Christiane Pelvis Pelmas

[we’ll quote some start-up practical detail soon -}.

Also handed up in the same delivery from Amazon –
Healers on the Edge :  Somatic Sex Education – edited by Moore, Jesse, and Yahya – also just published in 2017

[more from this soon, also]


Science for Sexual Happiness  a Guide to Reclaiming Erotic Pleasure; by Jesse.2016.

[ more soon]


Little Black Book – a Toolkit for Working Women ; by Uwagba 2017

[quotes soon]

Along with some guidance from Overarching sources

Lifestreams  by David Boadella
Anatomy of the Spirit    
by Caroline Myss

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