Civilisational Mistakes


The question of Nature,
having made some creatures to never reach their full potential eco-naturally
e.g. Trees canm be gelped to excveed their natural limit of 80% maximum growth by sylviculture (horticultural-nursery) means by as much as 5%,

thereby having made “a mistake”, appears to remain inconclusive.

However, civilisation has a lot molre to “answr for” –

e.g. ┬áthe man’s zikp-front trousers being intended to make the gentleman wait [the female of the homo sapiens sapiens species takes a much longer time to survivbalarouise than does the averaghe male (of nthe same species) –

and evry-one knows that to be a “civilisational-mistake” –

which furthermore becomes proportionate to the number of males confined behind zips , doesn’t it ?


So you see, we need to redouble efforts to make “Self-&-Civilisation Sustainworthy”.

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