The state of _ _ _ ‘the Planet _ _ _ Human civilisations – – – ( of “you” ) ——->2147—–>

A.   The state of the Planet
(there happened, for the first time, to be a background documentary commentary playing
-no picture, just the human reporter’s voice,
telling “Whoever” about the planet’s wild animal populatoions and general health and predicament or prospect …

for instance some countries have alarming decreases in animal populatiuns
whilst some others have a –  sometimes also ‘alarming’ – increase in their animal populations –

and still allanimals are a “wondrous sight to be seen” by naked human eyes)


B.  The state of Human civilisations —–..


C.  The state of “you”   – the human-indivciual ————-


to be continued


as will be our previous open “scrutiny” exploration, into “some faults, even in our best-chosen Sources and Guidances ——   [2150 —->