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2333  adding to our list (below)

for instance 20 Hot Poratoes Christians Are Afraid To Touch by Tony Campolo

“We” are surprised to find The Church still “stuck in the slough [‘mud”]
competitively-business-like pursuing profits accruing both wealth and wealthy-people,

and the church also ‘doles-out ‘”forgiveness” to ne’er-do-wells
instead of encouraging them to peacefully march in the streets
claiming their basic-civilsational needs –

one of which should be
the NVQ skilling progression

including for “those of the oldest trade in the world”
who are now also “the last profession in ther world needing skilling”-
The Prostitutes
and their whole ‘unholy’ Sex-Industry ..




“We” are doing this Stipulatively Sustainworthy Scrutiny ongoingly now, from this new page earlier today —.

A random “handful” of our very own “Co-Sustainworthy-ing Sources & Guides” :-

which “we’ll” now deliberately skip-into to “find-fauilt” —–>
———–  [ per Madsen Pirie, remember ? How To Win Every Argument   ] ——
to find-fault with the “subject-matter” and the “overarching Civilisational Controls”
not with the authors


“Fault” Number # 1 :-
Plymouth University
[and therefore global-networkly all universities and Education-Systems in the World]
FAILS to enter the publication year on the outside visible spine of books in theii libraries –

even though personally advised of this time-energy-&-courtesy improvement by the public-voluntary-Life-Suirvival researcher body
across their Seale Hayne 24/7 library counter by word-of-mouth and  in writing
(by Mr JSD Miles authorised public  researcher 2015)

“Fault” number #2 –
Plymouth University
Mainstream Medical Professor’s ‘advice-to-concerned-and Mind NGO-public [2002]
at a public-lecture launching his “Alternative Therapies” book:
when shown an armful of “alternative” books and asked
“Why can’t we find these on your shelves, nor in your computer cataloguing ?”

 replied “We don’t have them because we don’t teach them”.


“Fault” number #3 –
UK Governmental and NGO authorities
(see some of their title-names [including MIND] in the published texts and lists
of these three Voluntary-“Earth-citizenships” Not-for-Profit,Poweer, nor Prestige e-sites pages)
Siimilarly to the Medical professor’s candid explanation above,

but arguably  far less “reasonably” so,

(“) We can’t recognise such publications nor the needs, nor the ‘Hows’, that they represent, because we’re not told to by Higher Authority – (“)

“Fault” numbers #4 – 5- 6- 7 –>

(further “overarching or ‘oversha’dowing’ organisational  failures’ )


“Our” First Random List  :-  .

(in some date order because of the Knowledge & Know-How Progress Timeline)

The Greek Myths vols 1 and 2  by Robert Graves 1935 —> 1937 ;

Effort  by Laban & Lawrence 1947 ;

Riding The Horse Backwards by Amy & Arnold Mindell 1992 —>2002

Lying With The Heavenly Woman by RobertA. Johnson 1994 ;

Holistic Nursing by Dossey, Keegan, Guzzetta & Kolkmeier  1995 ;

The Busy Person’s Guide To Easier Movement by Wildman 2000—> 2014 ;

PLAN – Twelve Months To Renew Brfitain Carswell & Hannan  2008 ;

Willpower: the owner’s manual by Martela 2013 ;


Lifestreams by David Boadella  1987 —> 2015

Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss 1997  ;;
(noted here because [‘unfortunately’] although hers is a  “world-first” book,
Caroline somehjow omitted mentioning
the vital, and deeper 7-fold Divine Human Energy Centres advances made by Boadella)