The Militantly “World-Beating” Individual-Consumerist-Capitalism still “Smothers” – [1337]


.Once again we are up against a Gordian Knot barrier and paradox
of –

Perfection” –

How can a leading world-top economic, and democratic-governance profession and Country
-and-world-leading Human-HealthCasre & Illness-Remediating Skilled Organisation

such as the USA
and its  Medical-&-Psychiatric-Nursing Sectors’

with its most recent edition of
“newly-perfect” Knowledge-&-KnowHow Nursing Practices
Holistic Nursing – a Handbook for Practice
[see also an Overarching Predicament post published earlier today up to1337 ] –

be so “perfect” as to not need
nor be willing-and-able
to learn
anything more or anything  better  ?

such as the Knowledges and KnowHows listed
and reasonably explained and quoted in these three
Not-for-Profit, Power, nor Prestige voluntary ‘e-sites of
“Towards a Longest-Term Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthy-ing Earth-Citizenship” ?


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.The “Developed-Democracies'”
Militantly “World-Beating”
“Win-Lose Adversarily Smothers” us –

we who are the main Human Body of ordinary folk –

and that super-dominant Power-Few
repressingly denies
the very best and most affordable and sustainworthy advances in
Individual and Cooperative Human-Development.

That is why we –
who here in these three kindred Not-for-Profit, Power nor Prestige web and e-sites
are alone-finding, supporting, sharing, promoting,
and individually-personallyfollowing
these neglected and ‘wasted’ new sources of Human Knowledge and Know-How

see the lists under Basics, Foundations, and “Firstlies” within  and .


Today was delivered what I hoped would be a “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-worthy-ing” -supportive Text

Holistic Nursing –
A Handbook for Practice  2nd edition
by four American women
Dossey, Keegan.  Guzzette; & Kolkmeier
(all senior Nursing leaders in the USA)

My first-glimpse review would be

(1) Certainly looks very experienced in Nursing
and in whatever-their-definition-of “Holistic” is.
(2)  Has no bibliography but their Notes, at the end of each chapter, do show sources and reference authors’ names.

My interim-intention now
:is to accept this ‘massive’ work 
onto a potentially-supportive side-table in our
“sustainworthy-governance-building’s plenum-central-hall and side-rooms” –

within our Non-Negotiable Longest-Term-&-Immediate Purpose of
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthy-ing and Holistic Health-Individual-&-Lifeplace Co-Building”

taking place within our
Virtual Egalitarianly-Leasehold Life-Co-Sustainworthy-ing Special-Focus-Rural Estate.


It behoves me, of course, as an individual –
but here more formally as author, operator and publisher of these three e-sites
(this one  is potentially a public-discussion and blog e-site, supported by  and )
            to continue searching, researching, our Human-Life-Future matters
and ‘reporting’ them to you The World Public as best I may and can.

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